You can find the Languages page in the Shop settings menu. From the Languages section, you add as many languages as you want your store to has. Once you add a language, you need to make it visible if you want your visitors to be able to view your store in that language. When you click on the “save” button, a notification pops up and warns you that the platform will automatically make a translation based on your default language. Note that adding a new language does not automatically translate your products, categories, etc. They will still have the same names and descriptions as your default language. This is why we advise you to set any new language to “not visible”. What this means is that while your shop supports these languages your customer won’t be able to see them yet. This will allow you to translate your products, categories, menus, and everything else to your desired language, without causing confusion among your customers. Once you finished all the needed preparations and translations you can go back to Languages and change the status of a language to “visible”. That will make it visible outside of your admin panel, and your customers will now be able to view your completely translated shop. From the Languages section, you also set the default language of your store, meaning the language you’ll be seeing in your admin. You can choose only from the “visible” languages to make one of them default.