Make it your own way

Go from 0 to 100 by creating the most stunning online store customers have ever seen.  No programming skills needed. All you need is your creativeness.

Choose between different modules, styles, and many more to create a unique design that will grab your customers’ attention. Use our live theme editor and become the designer you never realized you were.

How you can make it

You can choose from our list of modules to customize your online’s store design. We’ve gathered different types of modules so everyone can create a professional website according to their needs and vision. Add as many modules as you wish without any limitations.


Adding a module is easy as a child’s play. With a single click, you can add, enable or move the module where you want it to be. Using the ready-to-use content that PosFox is offering you can build an attractive page in a minute without touching a single line of code.

Manage your Product Page

With the live theme editor, you can customize even your products page. Drag and drop different modules, show or hide product details, reviews, and more and define the exact position and behavior of every element. Organize and arrange your product pages however you’d like it. With the help of the editor, you can choose whether or how to show brands of the products, how to display their variations, images, activate social sharing buttons, and many more.

The new motto: The simpler, the better

Create your online store from the ground. Choose from some of the most used fonts for webshops and stylize your content the way you want it to be. Play around with the color palette and set colors for your webshop. Choose wisely because usually colors and the logo are the first things that customers associate with your webshop when they think about it.

Customize even icons for favorite products, cart, or add to compare and stand out with unique design in every detail. The best part of it- everything is going to happen on your shop’s homepage. Thanks to our live theme editor you will be able to see every single change in the way your customer will. It’s never been easier to build a successful webshop.

Theme manager

View and edit a site’s typography and color schemes. Fully customize the text styles and color palettes. Select primary and secondary fonts and colors for different elements.

Custom Header

Create and manage the header of your site. Choose the variant that shows the best of your site. Create multiple unique menus – select the items that appear on each menu, link them to various destinations and customize each menu.


Control how content appears on your website. Manage elements like images, text, or buttons. Choose between different layouts, hover effects, various icons, and many more.

Custom Footer

Experience the seamless design process and create and manage the footer that meets your requirements. Add columns, social links, newsletter, or your site’s menu to it.

Start designing your store now!