POS Application

Our iOS and Android app allows offline selling as well

Our app allows you to make attended sales now, so you can sell both online and offline from the same platform. PosFox POS application is available with the POS subscription plan.

  • Advanced statistics for all your sales, cash, and card transactions
  • View top selling products per day or month
  • Export daily and monthly reports easily
  • Filter order results by date
  • Split bills and let customers pay separately
  • Find out best-selling items for the day
  • View discounts with and without VAT
  • View profit and made refunds by payment methods
  • Accept VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, all major credit and debit cards
  • Accept payments via Mobilepay
  • Take contactless payments in seconds
  • Accept cash payments with no daily limit
  • Send digital receipts via email or SMS
  • Issue full or partial refunds and find them easily in your sales reports
  • PosFox POS sends the total amount of purchase straight to your payment terminal. No more manual errors 

Refund by card or cash

Charge custom amount

Real time statistics

Real time connection

Pay by cash or credit card

Multiple operators

Products and visualization

  • Easy-to-use system. No training needed
  • Easy-to-navigate product catalog
  • Add barcodes (SKU, EAN, UPC) to your products and scan them using your phone, tablet, or barcode scanner
  • Sync stock availability with one tap

Available in Apple app store and Google play

  • In English and Danish
  • Your webshop database is always connected to the POS
  • Easy to connect to our card reader, receipt printer, and cash drawer
  • Can work with multiple cashiers
  • Make discounts while selling
  • Refund available by cash or card

Selling through our app is now easier than ever.  Just link your device through Bluetooth and accept payment anywhere you want. There is also cash drawer and barcode scanner you can use.


  • Connect with the Card reader to accept card payments
  • Connect our barcode scanner to your smartphone or tablet or use our built-in barcode scanner from the app
  • Stylish Bluetooth POS receipt printer and cash drawer

SumUp Plus

Whether mobile, counter-top, or in-store, the Plus platform evolves the retail experience with true versatility.

  • Equipped with NFC and Bluetooth connection
  • An integrated Li-ion battery
  • Payments via an integrated tablet or a smartphone
  • Pop-up on different locations

Laser Barcode Scanner

Complete your equipment with the Bluetooth barcode scanner and use it to quickly add products to the cart at checkout.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Long-lasting battery to withstand entire workdays
  • Certified by Apple® for iOS devices
  • Compatible with all Android and Windows devices and applications


The Star mPOP™ is a unique combined receipt printer and cash drawer, simple and elegant, yet loaded with intuitive design features. 

  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Long-lasting battery to withstand entire workdays
  • Certified by Apple® for iOS devices
  • Compatible with all Android and Windows devices and applications


 Point of sale (POS) is a highly complex and sophisticated system. With a POS, you have the ability to make sales in person, online, and on the go. POS helps you manage inventory, allow for various payment methods, streamline your operations and customer service, and more.

You can use POS with each one of our subscription plans, it is entirely up to you and the needs you and your business have. Using the POS will cost you no fees.

You can receive credit card and cash payments. Card payments will become available when you activate SumUp payment provider through your website admin panel. At checkout, you can accept all leading debit/credit cards.

With the PosFox POS, you can do a partial refund to the order as well as a refund of the whole order to the customer.

You need to download our app either for Android (through the Google store) or iOS (through the App Store). Then you have to log in to your store and you can start accepting orders immediately.

You can use the POS with your phone or tablet (available under Android and iOS). We offer a terminal for credit card payments, a barcode scanner and Bluetooth receipt printer and cash drawer.

You can order the needed hardware through your website’s admin panel. On your dashboard, you’ll find links to the offered items, or can order them directly through our shop https://shop.posfox.io/en/ 

Now is the best time to improve your sales