As you know time is money and If your customers are wasting too much time to fulfill a single order this will be bad for your business. We from PosFox thought about it and created one step checkout for you and your customers. Completing an order has never been easier.

  • Mobile-Optimized Checkout page
  • Supports lots of Payment and Shipping methods
  • Easy to Complete

Address and Shipping details

From the address form, through inputs for discount vouchers, to the payment methods, everything is displayed on one page and there is no more ‘next step’. Once your customers enter their shipping information they can complete the order with just one click.

GDPR compliant checkout

Added a checkbox with links to your store policies. The policies will appear as clickable links in the footer of your checkout page and the customers will have to agree to them before completing an order.

Optimized Checkout page

To simplify the checkout process, PosFox Checkout module gathers all complicated default steps to display on one page only.

  •  Friendly checkout interface
  •  Show all information on one-page checkout
  •  Remove all unnecessary fields 

Now is the best time to change the future of your business