Global Discount

What a better way to increase your orders than to discount your products. Set a global discount on all of your products with just one click. All prices will be discounted with the percent you added in your shop to the moment you decide to remove the discount.

Product Discounts

Add not time-related discounts to products or their variants. Choose between a flat discount or a percentage one. Without adding a start/end date to the discount your products will be discounted always with the exact amount you added into your shop admin.

Category discount

Discount whole categories of your shop as part of your campaign. The discount will be valid only for the category you chose and all other products in your shop will be with their standard prices.


Set start/end date to the percentage or flat discount even before the start of your campaign and be ready in advance.


Attract customers by offering them discount codes. Create discount codes for a group of products using coupon discount options. Select between the fixed amount or percentage discount. Specify the active period of the code and choose categories for which you want the code to be applied. 


You can choose the minimum subtotal before the discount code is used, whether to be used on already discounted products and how many times customers can use the same code. Or why not set free shipping to order if a specific code is used. The best part is there is no limitation on how many products the discount can be applied to.

For Category

Coupon discounts can be applied to different categories. Mark the category you want the discount to be active and save your changes.

For particular products

Apply coupons to products that don’t belong to a category, even. Just search the product and add it to the coupon.


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