Domains and certificates

Have your custom domain

The success of a webshop starts with a great domain name. The domain of your shop is the first thing that customers will see or hear and will make an impression on them. Using the domain they will be able to find you, remember you, and will present your brand in the best light possible.

It’s never been easier to find the right domain for your business. With PosFox, it’s easy to buy and manage your domain right from your shop admin and start your online presence right now.

What can you do in PosFox with your domain

Buy a new domain

Buy a domain for your business with just one click. The search results will show you all available domains with the preferred name. Choose between the world’s most popular domain (.com), domain for entrepreneurs (.net), or another. 

Redirect your domain

Redirecting a domain from another platform is just as easy as buying one. If you already bought the perfect domain you can easily redirect it to PosFox in minutes even if you don’t have programming skills.

Manage multiple domains

Buy domains with ease and manage them fast. With a single click, you can renew your domain name, apply it to the shop and start selling right away. Configuration and setup are completely automated.

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