First look of your Admin

This is your shop admin.

  1. This is your menu sidebar. In our knowledge base, you’ll find a complete description of every part of it, what it’s about, and how to create and add things to your shop.
  2. Button for easy access to your shop. When the shop is created the maintenance mode is active and you can access it only with code.
  3. Button for refresh filters indexing. It will come in handy when you create your first product filter.
  4. Easy access to the Welcome Wizzard. If you skipped it when you created your shop from this icon you can access it anytime
  5. Button to clear your shop’s cache
  6. Easy access to the Two-factor authentication
  7. Easy access to the Subscription plans page. If you are on a paid subscription plan this button will disappear
  8. Search your store and PosFox’s resources like Knowledge base
  9. The notification center of your shop. Here you’ll see all notifications that you’ve received gathered by groups.
  10. This is the code that you need to use to access your shop.
  11. Shortcuts to some of the essential pages of your admin.