In short

Having multiple options for arranging the products is the key to a well-organized and functional store. With PosFox you have the opportunity to manage the content of your store and create the combinations that best suit your needs. The “Products” menu is located under the “Catalog” tab of your store’s dashboard.

  • Add, manage and maintain in a few clicks
  • Choose between multiple options for combinations and variations
  • Apply filters to find what you are looking for easily
  • Import/export content at any time


PosFox`s admin panel allows you to also add one or more images to every product, showcasing it from different angles or in different colours. The more options that are readily presented to the customer, the easier their path through the store will be, and chance of placing an order – higher.


Each product can be assigned to a category, with the manufacturer and status(enabled/disabled) listed. Using the filters each product can be accessed and edited easily. Prices, quantities, names can all be modified. A unique ID is assigned to each product as well.

Inside of every product you can edit all the necessary data – text description, discounts, meta information, etc. All the information that is visible to the customer is available in the admin panel.


This feature allows for combining the products and their options in such a way that everything stays organized for you and is well presented to the customer.

Here’s an example: Your store sells t-shirts in 4 sizes (S,M,L,XL) and 2 colours (blue and red). These can be combined into 8 different products with a respective colour and size. Each one can have a separate price, quantity and availability.

Using these multiple combinations you can customize all the features of all your products, providing a more user-friendly customer journey and easier maintenance of orders and stock.

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