Shipping and taxes

Make shipping simpler

Selling all over the globe is an ambitious initiative and has its tricks but with PosFox it’s going to be simple and with no problems. Directly from your shop’s admin, you can arrange countries you’re shipping to into shipping zones. For every zone, you can add different rates based on price or weight, depending on your shop’s policy. 

Display real-time rates for customers

Add rates based on price or weight so your customers can see in the checkout shipping costs for the purchase based on their location.

Calculate your shipping costs​

Create shipping zones in minutes. Click Create shipping zone. Enter a name for the shipping zone. Select the countries and regions that you want to be in the zone.


As a merchant, you’ll probably need to add taxes to your orders based on your government laws. You can add different taxes to all countries you’re selling your goods and PosFox will automatically handle the calculations for you.


In the admin, we’ve added the formula on which the calculations are going to be made and all you need to do is to add the tax in percentage for every country.


If prices of your products are with included taxes in them you can mark it in the checkbox and no extra fees will be added to the orders of customers. And that’s it, you can start selling immediately

Set delivery options

Give your customers the option to choose with what courier their goods to be delivered. Just add different shipping companies as shipping options(rates) in your shop admin. When customers complete an order you’ll be able to see in your shop admin the preferred shipping courier from them and use it.

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