You can find this in the Shop Settings menu. Here you can:

  • Set your shop Default Currency as well as other Active currencies you’d like to support. Note that your products’ prices are in default shop currency. That means that you sell in that currency. Active Currencies are only visible to your client, so they can see a relevant price to their native currency. Those are automatically handled for us based on the latest currency rate trends
  • Set your default weight unit. We support metric as well as imperial systems
  • Add the minimum quantity under which your products will be considered low in stock. This option will be useful when you have added a Label “Low stock” for example. When the quantity of the products becomes lower than the number you’ve written the label will become active automatically.

Another thing you can set on this page is:

  1. Enable Wishlist
  2. Enable Compare products
  3. Enable Reviews
  4. Enable return products. This option will give your customers the right to return their products
  5. Ignore product quantity – When the option is enabled customers will be able to add to the cart up to 9999 quantities of each product/variant. Finishing an Order from the Checkout will not reduce the number of products. For New shops, this option is automatically turned off.
  6. No regions – If active this won’t show regions of the countries