How to write a compelling About us page for beginners

You’re a small business owner who wants to write your own about us page. You know that it will be an opportunity to show off what makes your business special, but you also know that writing copy is not one of your strong suits. What do you do? If this sounds like you, don’t worry! Writing an “About Us” page doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming—and we’ve got a few tips that will help make the process go smoothly and painlessly.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is essential for writing an about page because it helps you to write something that will be useful to them. There are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Who is my target audience? If you haven’t identified this yet, don’t worry—that’s what we’re going over now!

  • What do they want from me? Your audience wants something from the information on your website. What is it?

  • Information about how to use your product/service

  • A way to contact you if they have questions about using your product/service. Add a Call to action button (e.g., a phone number or email address)

Define your objective

The first thing you need to do when writing an “About Us” page is define your objective. Write down what results you want from this page: increased traffic and conversions, more engagement with your brand on social media, better search rankings, etc.

You should also ask yourself why you want these things in the first place. Are they important to achieving your business goals? Beware of having too many objectives — it’s easy for customers to get confused and lose sight of what truly matters.

Write as though you’re speaking to one customer

The best way to write an “About Us” page is to imagine you’re speaking directly to one person.

It might sound illogical, but the best thing you can do is drop the corporate speak, and instead use your own voice—the first person.

Use casual language that won’t put off customers; this is especially important if your brand has a unique voice or style.

Focus on what you can do for your customers, not what you’re selling

When writing an “About Us” page, it’s important to remember that the point of this content is to help your future customers. The way you present yourself will influence their decision whether or not they want to work with you. With this in mind, you should focus on what you can do for them instead of what you offer.

We’re not saying that people don’t care about the products or services themselves—they do! But when people are considering whether or not to buy something from a company, they want to know that they are making an investment in something worthwhile. The best way for them to tell, if your business is worth investing in, is by showing how much value it offers over competitors’ offerings.

This can be done by focusing on the benefits of working with your company compared to other options out there in the marketplace and quantifying those benefits. Hence, people know exactly how much money they’re going to save by choosing your product/service over any other options available right now on the market today.

Put the most important information first

The most important information should always be at the top of your site.

That’s because people don’t read websites in order, from top to bottom. They scan them, looking for keywords that are relevant to their needs and interests.

Your about page should tell your visitors: who you are, and what you do. It should also convince them that what you offer is worth buying or giving their time to—and make it easy for them to do so.

Similar to some of the other pages on the site, it’s always good to include keywords related to your business on the About us page. This helps you rank better with the SEO, making it easier for customers to find you when they are looking for a solution like yours or the types of products and/or services you offer.

Don’t be afraid to use numbers and statistics

When you’re writing your About Us page, don’t be afraid to include numbers and statistics. You want to back up your claims with evidence as much as possible, so if you are claiming that your company is the best at X Y Z, then explain why.

As long as your numbers and statistics are relevant, they can help make your story more compelling and believable. Just be sure they aren’t misleading or out-of-date.

Use plain, simple language and a conversational tone

When writing an “About Us” page, use plain, simple language. Avoid complicated words and jargon that might confuse your readers.

Use short sentences and paragraphs in order to keep the flow of information easy to understand.

To sound more conversational and friendly, avoid using “you” when talking about yourself or your organization—use other pronouns such as “we” or “our.”

Write as if you are speaking directly to your audience through the page, rather than writing like a formal article for someone else to read.

The about us page is a great place to show your customer how awesome you are.

It’s the opportunity to let them know what you do, who you are, and why you do it. It’s also the place where they’ll learn how you can help them.


Now that you have a sense of the importance of an About Us page and have learned some strategies for writing one, it’s time to get started! Take some time to think about your audience and what they might want to know about your business. Then, write down what you would like them to know about your company before jumping into the actual content creation process. This will help ensure that your readers come away with exactly what they need from reading this section—and if not, then at least they don’t leave frustrated because there was no information available on how great you are or what benefits they could receive from your website.