Customer groups now available in PosFox

Managing customers has reached new levels. Using the customer groups feature you can classify your customers into groups according to their needs and treat each group differently. Customer groups allow you to organize your users and give them specific discounts. This way only registered users that belong to the group will be able to see and use them and prices will be the same for all the other customers. And all that with just a few clicks. 


Create groups according to your shop and your customers’ needs:

  • set up a free shipping group — Offer free shipping to a specific customer group
  • set up a wholesale group — Give a discount for bulk purchases
  • set up a B2B group and many more.


As soon as members of a group log into their customer accounts in your shop the group discount will automatically apply to the products. 

Visit our support center to learn how to set up your customer groups and how you can combine customer group discounts with the other discounts in your shop. Check out also our article that explains how many discounts do the shops have, how they interact with each other, and how to set them properly.