Booking system now available on PosFox

Hear, hear! Did you hear the news? The booking system is now available on PosFox.


Take bookings and appointments on your PosFox store with the easy-to-use Booking app. Our new app provides an online booking solution allowing companies providing services to accept bookings through any device 24/7. The system works for businesses and organizations of all sizes and it’s available for all subscriptions. The app provides all the necessary functionality to accept and manage bookings online:


  • Add services according to the selected subscription plan
  • Unlimited service providers (staff or team members)
  • Email and in-shop notifications for the owner and staff members
  • Online payments through a wide selection of payment processors
  • Option to add close dates
  • Set default business hours
  • Add your staff members’ hours
  • “Customer can cancel” option
  •  Add intervals between different appointments
  • Add multiple team members to one service
  • Manage all your calendars from one dashboard
  • Option to create appointments through the admin panel

No matter what services you offer PosFox is the right place for your business. It’s never been easier to take appointments. Register now and start accepting bookings immediately.