Управление на потребители

Here you see all people that have made profiles in your store, including your own profile as owner. There are options to delete or edit customers’ information. You can also create profiles. Choose between the customer’s profile or admin role depending on what you need. Creating a profile is easy, just add the first/last name of the person, and his e-mail, write a password or generate one, and choose the role of the person. Once created you can add addresses to the profile. They can have shipping and billing addresses. The difference between the two addresses is that in the billing address, you write the Company name and VAT/CVR number.
Usually, most of your users will fill in their information by themselves but you can always edit the information, and change their role or account status if needed.

Организирайте потребителите в клиентски групи

Веднъж след като създадете клиентска група можете да класифицирате клиентите си и по този начин да им предоставите отстъпки, които няма да бъдат достъпни за клиентите извън дадената група.

Роли с достъп до админа

Add admin roles and give different access to the shop admin panel to your employees. You can choose between Administrator, Moderator, Sales Agent, Editor, and POS Operator.
– The Administrator has full access to the shop admin except that he can not delete the shop. This is a privilege only for the Owner of the shop
– The Moderator can manage the shop without access to sensitive information like the one in the Account settings.
– The Sales Agent has access only to shop orders, statistics, users, and shipping zones. The job of the Sales Agent will be to manage the orders made through the website.
– The Editor’s role is to add content to the shop. He has access to edit the whole Catalog section, Pages, Blog Posts, and Blog categories.
– The POS Operator has access only to create orders and see such that are already made through the POS devices.

Експортиране на абонирани потребители

On this page, you can also export the list with subscribers’ emails signed for the newsletter.