Ecommerce software with advanced POS solution

Manage and increase all your sales from one platform

PosFox makes maximizing your sales across channels easy: one simple platform, integrated POS app, seamless scalability, and all the best sales and marketing tools already integrated.


  • User-friendly drag-and-drop designer

  • Extensive feature catalog

  • Advanced SEO automation

  • Hassle-free, continuous backup

  • Easy upgrades when you need them

  • Industry-specific integrations

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Нашата апликация ви позволява да продавате едновременно онлайн и на място от една и съща платформа. PosFox POS апликацията е налична с POS абонаментния план.

  • Работете с VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, всички големи кредитни и дебитни карти
  • Приемате плащания чрез мобилни устройства
  • Осъществявате безконтактни плащания за секунди
  • Приемате плащане в брой без дневен лимит
  • Изпращате дигитални касови бележки чрез имейл или SMS
  • Връщате пари за част от поръчката или за цяла и ги проследявате във вашите отчети за продажби
  • PosFox POS изпраща общата сума на покупката направо до вашия платежен терминал. Без грешки при въвеждането на сумата 


Създаването на дизайн е лесно като детска игра

Дизайн оформлението на магазина ви вече е по - лесно от когато и да е. Добавяйте модули и ги променяйте, сменяйте цветове и шрифтове само с един клик, добавете неограничено съдържание и много повече! И всичко това докато виждате промените директно върху сайта ви. 

Разширете бизнеса си с POS система

Връщане на пари в брой или с карта

Лесно добавяне на отстъпки

Статистики в реално време

Връзка в реално време с магазина

Плащане в брой или с карта

Множество операции

Респонсив дизайн

Не е нужно да се притеснявате за съвместимостта на магазина ви с различните устройства. Лесно може да добавяте нови продукти и да управлявате бизнеса си от всякъде. Избирайки PosFox вие избирате съвършенство, което изглежда добре на всяко устройство. 

Всичко, от което се нуждаете е тук

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PosFox is an all-in-one solution that enables users to create an online store quickly and easily. With its user-friendly interface and integration with the PosFox POS app, you can manage and improve your sales easily and simply from one central location, from your first online shop to your international multi-store setup. Whether you are selling online, in brick-and-mortar stores, or on the go, PosFox simplifies the process of running and expanding your business.

E-commerce is a system that allows users to buy, sell and pay for goods and services over the internet. Commerce systems are designed to create secure transactions between buyers and sellers.

SAAS (Software as a Service) is a way of delivering software that provides access to the features of a program or application without the need to install it on each individual computer. You sign up and pay a monthly subscription which gives you the ability to access the service from any connected device.

PosFox is an e-commerce platform that offers drag-and-drop webshop software that’s ultra-fast to set up, easy to use, and does not require any technical expertise. With a modern front-end design and powerful backend we make it simple for anyone to create an online store, sell online and offline, or even service clients through our booking software. You can run your entire business effortlessly with one software.

With PosFox you can create your online store for seconds without the help of any programmer. Everything from the moment you create your store to adding modules or pages to the website is intuitive and easy to use.

All websites come with a 100% responsive design. No need to pay extra for mobile optimisation.

You can create an online store for free on PosFox. You have a 14-day free trial. After that, you need to choose one of the paid subscription plans if you want to keep using your website.

Installing apps on your shop is free. You can install, remove and change them as often as you want.

You can sell your products and services anywhere. We offer multilingual, multi-currency storefronts, plus international shipping rates and taxes so customers know exactly what they are paying.

The limitation of products depends on the selected subscription plan. We offer four subscription plans: POS, Business, Enterprise, and Custom. With the POS Plan, there is a maximum of 200 products that you can add. With the Business and Enterprise plan, you can add accordingly 500 and 2500 products.

We provide several channels of support, primarily through email. Ticketing is available for all plans through the shop admin panel. You can also create your own ticket by contacting us via For Enterprise and Custom plans we offer support via phone and skype.

At the moment we offer several payment methods you can activate –  Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, Bank transfer, Quickpay, Sumup, Vialbill, Klarna, Bambora, and Pay on delivery.

Improve your sales with a free trial today!