This section is about adding different web pages to your online store. Usually, they contain information relevant to your store. An example of such a page is the Privacy policy page. By default, there are 4 created pages in each store – Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy, Cookie policy and Return and refund policy. Pages are with default texts which you can edit according to your store. 

You can also add whatever other pages you like to your store. Just need to add the title and content of the page, edit the URL address, and of course, don’t forget to edit the meta title and description. Another important thing you should not forget is to add the information on your page for every language your store is operating. Then the only thing left is to select the page visibility, press “Save” and voilà you have a brand new webpage. 

Deleting a page is as simple as its creation. Just need to go to Pages, choose the page you want to remove from your store, and press Delete. 

Newly created pages you can add to your store as part of the menu for example. Other pages like Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions will be visible when creating an account and in the checkout also.