First look of your shop and how to customize it

When you’re logged in to your shop as administrator or owner you can change the whole design of your shop by changing which modules to be visible, what colors to be primary and etc. To make it easier for you we’ve added live editing of the design which you make on your shop, not in your admin. This way you can see all changes right away you make them. When you’re in editing mode you’ll see a button at the top left corner of the web page. It toggles the sidebar.
The sidebar is divided into different sections and each one of them allows you to customize a different aspect of your store.

  • In the Module section, you can update the order of the modules that are displayed on your homepage. You can add modules or remove them. Using the drag and drop functionality you can rearrange the modules on the homepage. You can also click the Add Module button, which will take you to the section that allows you to add new modules. We’ve added different modules from which you can choose. To some of the modules, you can add images /Slider, Banners, etc/ and to others you can change only the name of the module and add a description /Text module/. There is no limitation on how many times you can add a single module. For more information about that see Modules.
  • In the Header section, you can change the variant of your header according to your vision. The different variants show your menu and logo of the shop in different aspects. You can add the phone number and the location of your physical store if you want. From the Header section, you can edit your menu navigation or add an announcement bar to your shop.
  • From the Footer section, you can edit your footer. When you create a shop a footer with default information will be added at the bottom of the page. When you open the editing panel you can choose how many columns to add to the footer and what kind of information to display in them. You can disable the footer if you don’t want to be visible on your site, add social links (like Facebook and Twitter) or newsletter right above the footer or make them be part of it.
  • From the Produkter section, you can choose the layout of the products cards, whether to show a wishlist, compare or rating on them, the type of the Add to cart button, Image Aspect ratio, and  hover effects
  • In the Colors section, you can customize the color palette of your store. You can choose colors for different elements, like text and titles. You can also choose the primary color of your store. This color will be used in places that require the focus of your clients, like buttons. While changing the colors you can see how it reflects on the homepage, when you’re in some category, or on the products page. Here you can also enable the dark mode of your webshop. We’ve added default colors that fit with the dark theme but you can always change them
  • In the Fonts section, you can customize the font sizes and font families that will be used in your store. You can select a font family and size for both the regular text and also for headings.
  • From the Icons section, you can upload a logo, favicon, and an image for PWA. You can also customize some of the icons that will be used across your store, like the Cart, Compare, and Favorite icons.
  • From the Layout section, you can choose the size of your theme container