Here you see all orders from your customers. You can filter them by date, status, or by their id number.

First view of the order

When you open an order you see what products have been ordered, the order’s payment method, and details. Here in the general tab, you can change order status, when it’s complete for example (Order status by itself doesn’t do anything. Its only function is to ease management of the orders), edit the number of ordered products if it’s needed, or add another product to the order.

Note that you can add products to already completed orders only if its payment method is Pay on delivery. For orders paid with another payment method, this option is disabled.

Next to every product, there are two options – to delete or to return it. When you choose to return the product, the system asks you what quantity you want to return and you may also write a return message. Then the system makes a copy of the order to returns.

You can also edit shipping/billing details or write notes about the order. In the upper right corner, there is a button for creating a shipment. This will be only visible if you’ve activated some of the shipping apps from the Apps section.


Next to the General tab is the Invoicing. There you can see the preview of the invoice that is going to be created. Generating the invoice will send the invoice to the customer’s e-mail. There is a button to resend it if the customer didn’t receive it.