Product Labels

Labels can be found in the Shop Settings menu. You can use them to highlight products to your customers and thus increase store traffic. There are two default-created labels that can only be deactivated but not deleted. Those are:

  • Low in stock – It will appear on products when their quantity gets below a certain number. You decide when products to be considered low in stock. The option can be found in the General Settings in your shop admin
  • Out of stock – It will appear on products that are with 0 quantity or with the status “Sold out” or “Out of stock”

You add new labels from the Create button. You need to:

  1. Add name of the label. It will be visible only to you
  2. Add the text to the label. This is the text that your customers will see
  3. Select color, type, and alignment to the label
  4. From the Condition tab, you select how the label will be applied to. It can apply to products, categories, or the latest added products (you write the number of days on which the product is considered as ‘New’).
  5. When you’re done save the changes