Social Facebook Login

You can find it in the Apps menu. Go to and make a registration if you don’t have a profile. Keep in mind that you need a developer’s account. When you are ready click on create app. Then follow the steps:

  1. Select Manage Business Integrations
  2. Enter your Shop name as App Display Name (this will later be shown to your customers when they log in with Facebook)
  3. Enter the app contact email
  4. Select App Purpose – Yourself or Your own business
  5. Click the “Create App ID” button to continue and fill the security check.
  6. Go to Settings/Basic set up app domain
  7. Add the privacy policy of your shop and save the changes
  8. Copy App Id and App Secret and paste them in your shop admin, make the app active and save the changes.
  9. From the sidebar on the left select Products + and select Facebook login -> Set up.
  10. Choose Web. Here you are on the Quickstart menu.
  11. On the first step add your site’s URL address. On the next steps just click Next without doing anything.
  12. You need to Verify your business before completing the setup
  13. Then go to Settings and add Valid OAuth Redirect URIs. You can take it from the Facebook app in your shop’s admin
  14. Save the changes.