Export Product Variants

Go to Catalog/Products and then choose Import/Export. You can use the exporter to download all your variants in one file and edit them easier and faster. Choose tab Variants. It’s important to know that you can export only products with variants that are in at least one category. Mark categories for which you want to edit variants and click on the “Export” button. This action will create a CSV file that you can open in Google Sheets. 

Example: If you want to edit all variants of Laptops and they are in the category “Laptops” you need to select this specific category
The export of variants will allow you to edit everything you can edit in the shop admin, like price, quantity, discount and etc.

When you are done editing variants, save the changes and download the file again as comma-separated values. Then, you are ready to import the file back to your shop admin.

NB! Do not delete or add columns from/to your exported CSV file