Take bookings and appointments on your PosFox store with the Booking app. You can find it in the Apps menu of your shop admin. To start using the app just open it and the new Booking section will appear on your admin menu.


From the settings, you can choose the interval between different appointments you have. You can also select if your customers will be able to cancel booked appointments by themselves.

Closed dates

Add closed dates that your physical shop won’t be working like holidays and vacations.

Booking products

To create a booking product/service you need to add its name, price, and duration of the appointment. You can also add the service to different team members. If no team member is added to the service customers won’t be able to book it.

Team members

To add a team member you need to write his name and email address. You can set different working hours for every team member. If no team members are added, all services will work with the default one – the owner of the shop. You can edit his working hours via the Working hours’ button.


You can view your appointments in the calendar tab under the Booking menu. You can also book appointments through the calendar by yourself. All booked appointments will be visible also in Orders.