Social login apps

By using our platform you and your customers can forget about the inconvenience of creating accounts and remembering hundreds of passwords. Just use the social media account you already have and enjoy

Import/export products easy

No matter if you’re coming from another platform or adding/updating items to the product list you can do it with just a few clicks thanks to the Import/export feature 

Manage unlimited products and inventory

No matter if you are selling ten or ten thousand products. With Sellfer there is no limitation on the number of products you can manage. We are here to support your business not holding it back

See statistics for different periods

See statistics for Total profit for webshop and POS, number of registered customers, best selling products, and more. See the information for a specific month or year


Receive orders by email or phone and create them from the admin panel without the need to create a customer profile first

Advanced taxes options

Add taxes according to your country and Sellfer will automatically handle all the calculations

Credit card payments

Receive credit card payments from the moment you launch your shop.

Offer free shipping

Set free shipping rates according to price or weight and improve your order size

Free support

Sellfer support team is always available. If you’re experiencing troubles with the platform or has any questions you can always reach out on our email, live chat, or check out our support center


Create returns for a product or for the entire order. We’ll create an automatic refund according to the payment method and will update your inventory

Work with multiple currencies

Sellfer offers you a completely automatic currency calculator that calculates prices of goods and services using foreign exchange rates published by the European Central Bank

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your search engine results. Add meta title and description to your products, categories, and more. Add alt text and title to your images for good ranking in the image search result

Email templates

Customize all emails you are sending to your customers. Edit them for every language your shop supports and change their design

Product reviews

Activate product reviews and encourage customers to share their experience with your webshop. Increase the sales of the most rated products

Add discounts

Increase your sales by creating coupon discounts, adding category discounts, or a global one

Sell products on Facebook

Create a Facebook catalog and give your customers the option to make purchases directly from there

Product variations

Create variants for your products like different colors, sizes, and etc. Every variant can have a different price, quantity, weight, UPC, SKU

Multiple images even for variants

Add multiple images to your product. Set up different images for every variant to show how different variations looks like

Organize your products

Enable products for Webshop only, POS only, or for both. Add them to categories to make it even easier

Automated invoice sending

Accept payments, create invoices and send them to the customers with just one click

Fulfill orders in a single step

Selling dropshipping products or not is all the same as it comes to fulfilling an order. Fulfill orders with a single step right from your admin

Delegate access

Create admin roles and give them a different level of access to the shop admin panel

Google Analytics

Google Analytics will help you track your website traffic

Free Hosting

You don’t need to pay for hosting. Everything is stored on our servers