You can find this page in the Shop settings menu. URL redirection, also called URL forwarding, is a World Wide Web technique for making a web page available under more than one URL address. The most used redirects are 301 /”Moved Permanently” – recommended for SEO/ and 302 /”Found” or “Moved Temporarily”/. 

There are two types of redirects – Relative redirects and Domain redirects. 
Relative redirects must always start with ‘/ ‘. In the source URL field, you write the old Url address that’s not working anymore.
Example: /old-url In the Target URL field, you write the new address, to which you want the link to redirects, then click on Add redirect, and you’re ready.
This type of redirect will be instant. Here is an example of relative redirect, where the Homepage of the site is redirected:
Domain redirects work in the same way. You write only the domain in both fields (without ‘/ ‘, `https:// `or www).
Example: `https://
The needed time for domain redirects to start working will be up to 24 hours and depend on the DNS settings. Here is an example of a domain redirect: 
All redirects that you create here are 301 redirects.