You can change your Subscription plan under the Account menu in your administration panel. There are four types of subscription plans – POS plan, Business plan, Business PRO, og Custom plan.

  • POS Plan
    This plan is free and will allow you to use the POS application for an unlimited time. This type of subscription is suitable for merchants who want to use only the POS application. On this plan, you can have a maximum of 200 products and will not have access to your webshop front.
  • Business plan
    With this plan, you’ll have unlimited access to both POS applications and Webshop software. This plan is perfect for merchants who want to create an online store and sell their products online and mobile. With the Business plan, you can have a maximum of 500 products and access to all features and integrations without paying extra.
  • Business PRO plan
    With the Business PRO plan, you’ll have unlimited access to both POS applications and Webshop software. The Business PRO plan is perfect for large companies that have up to 2500 products and want to sell their products both online and mobile. Under the Business PRO plan are available GDPR audit log and Stock management features.
  • Custom plan
    Contact us and tell us about your store and we will give you the price that is perfect for your requirements. In addition to the plan, you’ll get Digital marketing, Email marketing, additional SEO Service, Design Services, and Modules development on demand.
How to change your plan

To change your subscription plan you need to add your company details and a credit/debit card first. When you select the plan you want, just click the button “Pay and upgrade”. After that, you will be charged monthly/annually based on the selected option. When you make a payment you’ll receive an email with the attached invoice for the payment. You can find the invoice also in the billing/orders section under your account menu.

If we can not manage to update your plan we will send you an email to inform you that there is a problem upgrading your plan. If we can not upgrade your plan for the next five days following the payment date your plan will be downgraded to the free plan.