You can find this in the Shop settings menu. All emails that customers can receive while interacting with your shop are editable. You can edit the style of the email or the text itself.

On the right side of each template, there are three buttons:
– Preview template – You can use it to see how the email will look like with changes you made
– Send test mail – It sends a test email to the owner’s email
– Reset template – Delete changes that were made and restores the template to its initial state
 All emails are being sent automatically except the one for changed order status, gift card email, and downloading a digital product. You can choose whether and when to send them to the customers.

If the order contains a gift card or a digital product there will be a button that will send the gift card code or the digital product via email to the customer.

In the order, there is also a checkbox that will send an email to the customer that will notify him about made changes on the order only if it’s checked.
As an owner of the shop, you will receive emails for every order made.