Blog Posts

Blog posts can be found in the Blog menu. When you enter this menu for the first time you see 4 sample blog posts. You can delete or edit them or you can create new ones.
Creating a blog post is easy, just add the title, and the content of the post, choose a date on which the post will be published, and add a category. If you add a category to the posts, customers will be able to search posts through the categories.

NB!: These categories are different from the product’s categories

You also can add meta titles and meta descriptions which are essential for SEO results.
On the right column, you can insert an image, change the visibility of the post and write tags relevant to the post.
When you are ready click Gem ændringer.
It’s important to know that if you set up your store in multiple languages the system won’t let you publish the post without filling in the title and content of the post in every language.