Stock management

The Stock management feature can be found on your shop admin. It’s available only to stores that use Business Pro or Custom subscription plans. The purpose of stock management software is to maintain an optimal stock level, receive new items, and ensure your products are never out of stock.


On the Suppliers page, you can add the suppliers you’re working with. Once added then you can assign them to products and later create orders from the Inventory page.

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In the Inventory section, you see all your products. Note that product variants are being treated as separate products. On the Inventory page, you can view the number of your products, and the supplier to which the product is connected. One product can be assigned to more than one supplier. You can search for a product by name or filter them by supplier. When you select products that are assigned to a supplier you can create an order. In the window that will open, you see the current quantity of the products and can add the quantity, you want to order. When you create the order you can view it on the Supplier order’s page.


On this page, you can add the minimum quantity on which you want to receive alerts for low-in-stock products.