PosFox and GDPR compliance

General Data Protection Regulation took effect on May 25th, 2018. The regulation impacts how companies all over the world collect and handle their customers’ personal information and more specifically the data of European customers. All companies no matter big or small are bound to grant their users access to their personal data. By accessing their information customers can edit it or completely delete it, as well as withdraw their consent from certain terms and conditions that they’ve agreed earlier by using the service. The regulation includes every form of personal information of the customers: photos, publications in social media, IP addresses, bank details, and ID numbers, such as the National insurance number.

As a user of PosFox.io, you don’t need to worry about that. PosFox is GDPR compliant, meaning that at any time you can access your personal data, edit it, or request its complete deletion from our servers. Read our Privacy policy and Terms and conditions to be informed about rights you have under the GDPR and more about how we process your personal information.

GDPR and our customers’ online shops

Since our goal is to ease our clients we’ve created for you a privacy policy generator that you can use in your online shops. Neither we nor you as a shop owner can afford to neglect the regulation especially when there are fines for non-compliance. Having this in mind, we have created Privacy policy and Terms and conditions templates to ensure that your online store also complies with the regulation. We highly recommend you to read and adjust them specifically for your online store.

What to say, we like both ourselves and our clients to follow the rules and keep up with new trends.