Customize your navigation easier than ever

New updates have arrived for shop owners to help them create the dreamed online store. Relying on the good reviews we’ve received from Front end live editing we decided to stick to the idea of making it easier for our customers to set up an online store.

And what better way to do this than to move the navigation out of the admin panel.

Let’s see what new:

  • Create a menu directly on your shop’s homepage
  • Make changes to your menu and publish it when you are ready without interfering with the experience of your customers in the online store
  • Add dropdowns and create a menu at different levels
  • Create a mega menu with ease and display multiple options for the customers without having them scroll
  • Use the drag and drop functionality to move links, columns or to rearrange the main items of the menu with just one movement

What are the advantages:

  • See how changes you make on the menu look on the webshop  in real-time
  • Save time using the live editing functionality and create your menu in minutes
  • See no difference between what’s in editing mode and what’s live on your webshop

If we haven’t yet convinced you of the simplicity of the live editing menu and how easy it is to work with go and try it right now!